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Credit Recovery Program

Captivating & Inspiring Success for Arizona Students through Innovation and Flexibility

Learning Center Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Eastpointe High School’s Publicly-Funded Credit Recovery Program for Students in Tucson and Phoenix.

The Credit Recovery Program is a completely free, academic success program at Eastpointe High School. The program is designed for students ages 16 to 21. This Credit Recovery Program and drop-out prevention program is specifically designed to nurture each of our student’s learning potential and inspire their success.

Our students participate in a unique learning experience that utilizes non-traditional instructional methods: our goal is to allow our students to complete their coursework. The program employs a standards-based curriculum in science, mathematics, English, and social studies. Each curriculum is designed to stimulate our students through rigorous academic tracks that incorporate real-world learning, individualized instruction, team projects, and personal development.

Eastpointe High School’s Credit Recovery Program is designed to be unique, innovative, and engaging. Our school’s mission is to successfully re-engage those students who may have experienced personal, academic, or social challenges in their lives. This program provides these types of students with a safe environment to embark on their journey towards recapturing their sense of purpose, regaining their self-esteem, and achieving their academic success.

Are you an Arizona Student that Needs Credit Recovery?

  • Catch up or get ahead at Eastpointe!
  • Teachers available around the clock!
  • Get one-on-one help virtually or in person – your choice!
  • Credit recovery classes – get back on track to graduate!
  • Completely free, publicly-funded program!

This is how we Rise Up

We have caring staff who are available to you. This is your fresh start. We are here to support, encourage, and prepare you for post High School life. Here is your chance to start a new chapter. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

"A" Rated Charter High School

The Arizona Department of Education has given an “A” rating to the program.

Flexible Online Curriculum

Our Credit Recovery Program offers students a safe and flexible environment to complete their coursework.

Hybrid Learning

Our online curriculum offers a variety of learning options (hybrid, blended learning and distance learning).

Flexible | Credit Recovery

Our students are able to recover credits and also complete new courses. This allows students to catch up or get ahead.

Options for Your Graduation Plan

Flexible Credit Recovery Program for Arizona Students

Eastpointe’s Credit Recovery Program offers students the flexibility to choose the learning model that’s right for their specific needs. All while being a completely free and publicly-funded program to make high school education financially accessible to all Arizona students.


Complete Your Credits Entirely Online

Catch Up
Get Ahead
Teachers Online


Work on Your Credits From Home and at Our Learning Centers

Set Your Schedule
Flexible Schedule
In Person and Online
Best of Both Offerings


Complete Your Work and Get Help In-Person at Our Learning Centers

Learning Centers
Teachers in Person
Safe Environment
In-Person Activities
Special Programs

Credit Recovery Learning Centers in Tucson & Phoenix

Eastpointe High School learning centers are more than just a building. They are safe and nurturing environments. Our learning centers help accommodate students that are looking for smaller class sizes, an effective learning environment, and individualized instruction.

Flexible and Customized Learning Program

Eastpointe High School provides a better solution to online schooling. We offer mentoring along with flexible learning to our students to ensure they stay on track and far exceed traditional timelines. Student success is at the heart of our flexiable learning program.

Eastpointe High School Students
Eastpointe High School Student

College and Career Readiness

High School Graduates often feel overwhelmed when trying to navigate their post High School life; our mentors will help students navigate through educational and career paths with support and guidance. With Eastpointe High School, students are never alone as they take their next steps after graduation.

Why Our Credit Recovery Program is Needed

More than 18,000 Arizona students who dropped out of high school will cost the state $7.6 billion over their lifetimes, according to a report from Arizona Mayors that details the economic devastation.

“High-school dropouts cost Arizona $4.9 billion in lost income; $869 million in health costs; $1.7 billion in crime-related expenses; and $26 million in welfare over their lifetimes…”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What grades are offered by the Credit Recovery Program?

The Credit Recovery Program is a High School program for students ages 16 to 21.

What subjects are offered?

RISE UP offers all common core classes as well as elective credits. We also offer work credit for those students who have a job.

Does the program provide instructional materials like a laptop?

Students will have access to a laptop and all instructional materials will be offered by the school.

Can students work at their own pace?

Yes! Students are able to work at their own pace to catch up or get ahead.

How do I enroll?

Complete the enrollment form HERE to get started with the enrollment process.

Credit Recovery Program Testimonials

Here’s what our students have to say about the Credit Recovery Program

“Eastpointe has helped me in ways no other school could. I feel supported and set up for success here.”

Jessie M.

Credit Recovery Student

“I love it here! Mr. G and staff didn’t judge me when I started. I feel like a regular student and I’m now on track to graduate and possibly early. Thank you for believing in me!”

Jyquan J.

Credit Recovery Phoenix Student

“You’ve given me hope! I have the best teacher in the world. She is the biggest help and you believe in me that I’ll succeed.”

Anthony H.

Credit Recovery Tempe Student

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