Eastpointe High School Vision

Offering Completely Free Credit Recovery Programs to Arizona Students

Vision Statement

To unlock the potential of our students and make a lasting impact on our local communities.

About Eastpointe High School

Eastpointe High School believes there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to education. Our campus and learning centers are designed to support students who haven’t yet found success in large school settings. By understanding the challenges our students face, we can then work to break down barriers that have prevented them from accessing the education they deserve. Awareness, respect and compassion are the key pillars to our approach in creating a safe, flexible and conducive environment for our learners. Eastpointe High School is committed to continuously revising its methods to captivate students with innovative, engaging and effective techniques. We are changing education with alternative learning practices. We are transforming lives by giving our students an opportunity to thrive.

Our Mission

By cultivating a rigorous and innovative environment that focuses on each student's unique abilities and needs, we will foster profound transformative growth and learning for at-risk students through alternative education.

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Eastpointe High School Promise

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